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Users who provide personal data unequivocally consent to the inclusion of their data to files containing personal data, for which it is responsible for PEÑA & NAVAS, as well as computerized or not treating them with the so that they can be used by DE lA PEÑA & NAVAS, with a purpose of sending information about the services the company and contact customer loyalty, expressly authorizing it for extraction, data storage and marketing studies in order to adapt their offerings to individual profiles.

PEÑA & NAVAS OF, may keep their data once the relationship with the user to fulfill legal obligations.

DE LA PEÑA & NAVAS, is authorized by the user to use the personal data of the same features and make them computer processing necessary for the provision of services, reserving the right to terminate all data belonging to users not meeting the criteria of service delivery.

In the event that the data collected is used for a different purpose for which they were collected or collected prior consent of the parties concerned will be required.

The data collected will not be passed on unless previously subject’s consent is obtained.

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Users may withdraw their consent at any time without retroactive effect and freely exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of their data under the terms stated in Law 15/1999, Protection of Personal Data, as the procedure established by law. These rights may be exercised by writing to the quality department PEÑA & NAVAS DE LA Plaza Díez de Revenga, 4. Mezzanine MURCIA.

When proceeding to the collection of data indicating the voluntary or mandatory of the answers given. The refusal to provide classified as compulsory data will not be provided the service or information requested. Also, data may be provided on a voluntary basis in order to provide the best to the requested service or information requested.

In the event that users of this website must provide their email address to access some of the services or information you may express defendants who do not wish to receive any communication PEÑA & NAVAS OF, could send. PEÑA & NAVAS OF, available to users who had registered in some kind of mailing list within this website appropriate mechanisms to unsubscribe from it.

In compliance with the provisions of Article 5 of the Organic Law 15 / 1.999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data you are informed:

All personal data you provide will be processed automatically in the mail file whose purpose is the storage of emails sent by customers and potential customers for the maintenance of telematic communications with them. Your personal data will not be transferred. The File is PEÑA & NAVAS OF, residing at Plaza Díez de Revenga, 4. Mezzanine MURCIA.

The interested party may revoke their consent and exercise rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the mentioned responsible for the file and in the indicated direction.


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