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  • As a genre of scientific style reports klassificeret according to different criteria
  • Every form of a scientific paper has its rules of writing and design, so before writing work of this type need to be familiar with classifications and determine the appropriate form
  • Contents What are the different types of reports
  • Based on this requirement, all reports are divided into two types: Academic reports are prepared by students in secondary, technical secondary and higher educational institutions
  • Topics for such reports are usually prepared by the teacher based on the material that was not considered in lectures, seminars or tutorials (the material for self-study)
  • Such reports are “voiced” in the classroom during the learning process, thus, the materials expand additional information, and the student or the student forms the skills of independent scientific work
  • Scientific reports write scientific personnel with the purpose of participation in scientific conferences, seminars

Abstracts of such reports, generally published in collections of conference materials. Often the materials of scientific report consists of articles for publication in scientific journals. The authors of this kind of reports can be students. Requirements for content, structure and design of a scientific paper are more stringent than for training. Making a student report, as a rule, is not regulated, if this is not the wish of the teacher.

Classification according to the

purpose of the report to Each author prior to writing of the report defines the purpose of his speech (sometimes it is already the subject), according to this criterion, the reports are divided into three types: the report is written to highlight the progress over a certain period of time, summarizing the state of Affairs, highlighting the pros and cons, analysis of the problems and ways of their solution. Such reports have a place at conferences, symposia, seminars in the educational institutions or enterprises. Thematic report is devoted to disclosure of a specific topic or problem in doing a complete analysis and offers insights, determined the perspective of the study. A significant role in this kind of report play the author’s reasoning, his views, the position, however, they must be organically intertwined with the already proven truths written in reliable sources. Information report discloses the state of Affairs at the moment or in a certain period of time, the check this out information must be complete, comprehensive, non-subjectivity (the position of the author in this report is not necessary).

Classification by method of presenting the Differences in the way of presentation depending on what form that will emanate information, all the reports are divided into two kinds: written reports are prepared taking into account the peculiarities of the structure of texts of this type also plays a big role, clearance, volume of reports depends on the topic and objectives; oral presentations – speeches of the authors on the basis of the written text , at scientific conferences this text can be read, but better to know the content and often “break away” from the leaf, this will help to enliven the story and to focus the public’s attention on the content. Types of papers Written reports can be of different sizes, they are divided into 2 groups: written brief (gives a brief summary of scientific work or research, basic information on a particular subject without going into detail, its volume depends on the volume of the source); a written detailed (except for the detailed content of the work or analysis problems in such reports add to the information that became the basis of the final conclusions). Please note! The volume of the oral report is not determined by the pages, and temporary frame, which traditionally account for 5-7 minutes (to protect serious works 10-15 minutes). Tips for writing different types of report Tips for beginners it is Important to determine the type of the report before writing the main text, particularly the classification and purpose. To determine the type of report you need to take into account the following factors: subject, recipient, what the event will be announced or where the report published.

Before writing a training report, ask the teacher whether there are specific requirements for the job. In the classification by purpose, note the main difference information and the accounting reports – the importance of the position of the author. If you are going to write a scientific report before you begin, be sure to examine the requirements that can be found in the letter-notice of conference or enclosure. Despite the fact that oral presentation requires written basis, the latter must fit the features of listening (“to clean” from complex terminology, or to explain such concepts with interesting examples, try to tell in front of a mirror, paying attention to facial expressions and gestures). Oral report ends with a discussion of specific issues relating to its content, ask them present, so it is advisable to think about what questions you can ask and answer them.

Now that all of the classifications are gathered in one place, the types of report are easy to distinguish and to choose a suitable for further work. How to prepare a polished performance you can learn by watching video: see a mistake? Highlight it and press Ctrl+Enter to inform us. See also: Reply Name * email * Review All for students. To report a typo in Your comment (optional):

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