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Public service (integrated approach): Textbook. allowance. — 2nd ed. — M: Business, 2000.

— 440 S. examines political, legal, economic, cultural, historical aspects of the concept of civil service reform, the first of which are the authors, methodological issues of studying and teaching the course… at 17:20 MB 645 just the Basic concept of public service. The historical aspect of formation and development of the state service of the Russian Bureaucracy and red tape in the public service.

Basis of the legal provisions of the state, sluzhashih… at 01:30 KB 106 times Conclusion. 16:30 KB 103 times In the textbook fundamentals of state and municipal service of the Russian Federation, their structure, basic principles of management and organization of work in state and municipal institutions, mechanisms for achieving and implementing the goals and objectives in the social environment, about

Classification of work deals with the work . Alvin West.

at 13:05 MB 419 times Control 20 page Introduction.

The public service and its features. Types of state services and their characteristics. Public servant. Classification of state employees.

Conclusion. The list of references. at 18:36 101 KB 96 times State and municipal service. 207 p. Questions for self-assessment and exam preparation for the course “State and municipal service”, tests, and samples of forms you will find in this book at 08:17 MB 24 times table of contents.

A brief excursion into the history of formation and development of civil service in Russia. The system of state service of the Russian Federation. Normative legal basis of… Attitude to civil service, its organization and regulation.

at 21:41 114 KB 40 times at 09:45 MB 355 times the Concept of public service features of the public service of the Khabarovsk territory, the Concept and principles of public service Khabarov… different Status of civil servant. The passage of the civil service. the work deals with the creation of institutions of civil service in the next leading countries of the Western world: France, Germany, the UK and the USA.

(26 p.) at 19:44 135 KB 54-fold positions of the civil service Legal status (status), civil servant. The history of public service in Russia. Features of States…

Method. recommendations. – Tambov: Publishing house GOU VPO TGTU, 2010. – 32 p Contain the program of the course “civil service of the Russian Federation”, topics control works, the approximate list of questions for a test, as well as applications consisting of diagrams and tables. Intended for students of the specialty 030501 at 19:19 KB 24 times the Types of the civil service.

The procedure and conditions

for admission into the civil service. Certification of civil servants. The textbook elaborates on the public service in bodies of internal Affairs for entry into service, the procedure for and conditions of service in bodies of internal Affairs, as well as its termination taking into account the existing regulatory framework. Teaching…

  • Organizational and legal status of bodies of state fire service of Legal nature and contents of fire control Measures fire safety Office of the civil service
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